Ruido Debajo Del Puente

by Eskera

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(free) 01:53


released April 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Eskera San Diego, California

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Track Name: Estupidos
Segregation: violation of humanity.
Imperialization: to be used as a commodity.
Life as we know it today has put human rights to shame
Immigration: economic benevolent.
Globalization: false dichotomy.
The hidden agenda of the new world order has
spread like a social disease.
A working woman sees a better opportunity,
a life where she could feed herself and her family.
Life back home wasn't bad, but it was NAFTA's
greed that took them out.
Economic migration caused the screams for salvation
forcing people to work in a corporation:
breeds the fear and the hate.
Domination of our city and state.
Capitalistic ploys that support killings near your border or home
Discrimination: SB1070
A racist nation.
The denial of basic human rights, stand up and fight.
Crossed the border was killed in a raid,
this kind of shit happens every day.
Track Name: Unidos
Breakdown this oppresive border and commence this drug war
because I lost my faith in the human race
to the ignorance that has formed.
And the carelessness I feel is a simple reaction
of the hatred I feel of a timely accusation
to the xenophobia. "Let's keep them out."
To NAFTA causing great pain to
economic migration from most of the population
to the capitalistic, imperialistic, foreign policy
promoting globalization across the land and sea.
This so called land of opportunity.
Long live solidarity.
This land was meant for you and me,
not for the greed of los estupidos unidos.
Derribemos las fronteras, abajo a la opresion.
Derribemos los muros que dividen cualquier nación.
Porque un mundo unido sera un mundo mejor.
El pueblo unido jamas será vencido.
Track Name: Environmental Racism
It’s unjust. To them it seems all the same.
It’s not unintentional. Racial discrimination.
When the enforcers of laws, environmental rules and regulations,
keep minorities fucked living in polluted wastelands.
Our culture remains buried below your bridges
while you live your life secluded, surrounded by riches.
My backyards are smokestacks, factories in decay.
In your private city such things will never exist.
I’m a victim of environmental racism.
We are the forgotten, proverbial lower class.
Engulfed in gang violence, loss of hope, hatred, and crime.
You are the elite, who deserve and know best.
So you'll be protected by your private police
while we get murdered and raped.
Politicians they want you to believe
the words they speak not the ones that you read.
Politicians will rob you blind.
The fucking politicians, they want your mind.
In a state of ignorance to the gentrification,
to the rape of minorities, to the rape of this nation.
Track Name: Big Business
My brain is bleeding maggots from the pain.
Chained to the routine life is bane.
Life was never meant to fucking desecrate my mind.
We fall victims of a suction of a penetrating fascist corporate nation.
We live in luxurious illusion.
Un dia se vuelve en dos y pierdo la razón, la vida cotidiana ya me tiene harto.
Harto de trabajar, Harto de despertar, Harto de la misma rutina infernal.
Caimos victimas a la violación
de las corporaciones facistas de esta nación,
estamos viviendo una illusion.
Revolt. Take a stand from this life.
Corporate man, don’t be blind.
Can't you see big businesses will be the end?
Track Name: Young & Open Minded
School's purpose of training kids has took a drastic change.
But they'll never let you go.
Statistically speaking, capitalist training.
From a young age, fear is rooted in the brain,
So you grow up learning to live afraid
instead of to love and make the world a better place.
I refuse to take part in a trend
that consists of a pretend sociable friend.
Materials are what they define you to be.
You think it's life in a skewed society.
You play in this shit monopoly and accept this life of hypocrisy.
Do you feel like I did? Young and open minded?
Feeling that the world is leaving you behind.
And you just don't understand how it works the way it can.
So you refuse to be a part of their master plan.
Track Name: Telemercinary
Make sure to get the camera on my good side,
I gotta look real pretty when I sell these lies.
They're an easy customer, I barely have to try,
This is how free press dies.
Now that you've grown accustomed to being deceived
By the black and white that once you believed.
Your television has turned into a telemercinary.
If that's what they call spitting the truth, I'm spitting blood in their face
The future of news, it's not hard to see.
It's all gone to hell, wicked ways did they bring.
Your news anchor whores, run by corporations,
Selling you headlines, while buying the nation.
You're the bottom feeder in this system of greed
How do you hunt for truth? Shit's no fun to sift through.
Track Name: Nuestra Lucha, Nuestra Gente
Un sistema fallido
da comienzo a la revolucion
y que un pueblo escalvizado
se ponga de pie contra la opresion.
La unidad entre las masas
es mayor al poder militar
y el maldito gobierno que nos quiere matar.
Hermanos y hermanas
comiencen la revolucion.
Luchen por sus ideales, por un mundo mejor.
Por el cambio que quieren ver en su sociedad,
por el cambio que quieren en sus vidas.
Nuestra lucha, nuestra gente.
Todos unidos hasta la muerte.
Peleen por sus ideales hasta la muerte.
Track Name: Xicano Ska
La policia vino, se puso en poder y ya no tenemos hacia donde correr
las balas volaron a inocentes mataron todos los demas fueron encarcelados.
Tu derecho de protestar te quieren quitar y a la juventud quieren silenciar.
Sus amenazas nos podran derrocar pero nunca podran matar el ideal.
Pues somos mas voces, mas mentes concientes,
mas ojos que ven injusticias contra los inocentes.
La generacion que forgara el camino con el puno en alto
contra el conformismo.
Track Name: Destroy (feat. Ana Axis)
Destroy the opposition. Anyone with the will to dissent.
Kill anyone and everyone who stands in our way.
See, we've got the money the power of state.
I aint a crooked politician I'm just playing the game.
The numbers keep growing, the blood flow goes on.
I won't consider you a casualty if you're toting a gun.
Not women, or children, to me its all the same.
They're all just a digit in my numbers game.
And I'll keep rising to every morning sun,
while they keep rising to the sounds of guns.
With no remorse, no guilt to wane,
just another paycheck at the end of the day.
Destroy the government, their bullshit lies, everything they've made u believe.
Tear down the walls of cultural racism. End this tyranny.
It shouldn't take more than one death to make you realize
the government is full of shit, and full of lies.
The numbers keep growing, the blood flow goes on.
They won't consider you a casualty if you're toting a gun.
Not women, or children, to them its all the same.
You're all just a digit in their numbers game.
And I'll keep rising to every morning sun
while you keep rising to the sounds of guns.
Filled with remorse, and a guilt to wane,
because this is my country and I'm forced to live
Destroy with no voice in their fucked up decisions.
Destroy with their wars and their outrageous killings.
Destroy with a sense that theres no hope in wishing
that this injustice and this tyranny would end,
the government and their fucked up beliefs would cease to exist.
But they won't, so all that is left is for us to destroy.
Track Name: For You & Me
You commit to useless pride, and have no respect.
But your ignorance obliges you to have no respect.
Every fucking border, even the ones you don't see,
fuck, this land was made for you and me.
This land was made for us.
Track Name: Don't Assimilate
Fuck your bullshit, anyone can immigrate?
Regardless of creed, their origin or birth place?
This sack of lies, misguided truth disguised in patriotic prose,
read by a fascist telling you
that "all you have to do is assimilate, let go of everything
you once believed, to be a true american,
your heritage, your culture and past.
Make room for just one language.
room for just one flag."
Well I say fuck your flag. Fuck your state.
Fuck your loyalty to just one nation.
It is pointless anyways.
When all you do, you do it to get yourself ahead
while making you look like a martyr
to the whole country when you say
"our immigration laws embrace these immigrants
and if only they were to assimilate
they would be equally treated"
But a lie disguised as truth is still a lie at the end
so fuck assimilating to immigrate!
No, don't assimilate just to immigrate.
Don't turn your back on your heritage. Don't give in to their shit.
Don't believe their shit.
Track Name: 50 Shots + Any Cop
They take your rights, those fucking cop's.
They control and oppress, predisposed to deceit.
Abusing the power to serve and protect.
How many more people will have to end up dead?
Beat up and abused, battered and bruised,
fearing the man with a badge, the big boys in blue
who don't know fear, have no repercussions
to their acts of hatred, abuse, and violence.
Police brutality; it's not tied to just one nation.
It's become a bigger problem, it's a worldwide situation
from the European continent, Mexico, to the USA,
it's an issue happening around the globe every single day.
More people being killed, more piggies seeking thrills.
No unjust death should go unpunished when cops have the right to kill.
Take a trip back to 1999, Amadou Diallo,
an African immigrant, was shot 41 times for fitting the description
of a rapist who was wanted.
When asked for identification, 4 cops gunned him down,
based on the assumption that Diallo had pulled a weapon, he was reaching for his wallet.
The cops got to walk away acquitted of their charges.
Diallo, another casualty of the fucked up scales of justice.
50 shots plus any cop equals murder.
Eddie Franco, a homeless 56 yr. old
was brutally gunned down by 8 cops who didn't know
or cared to figure out if his gun had ammunition.
47 shots had to be fired to finally dismiss him.
7 years later, after the Diallo incident
50 shots were fired by more undercover pigs.
2 men injured, Sean Bell would end up dead
not because of a crime, once more because of fucked up policemen.
Track Name: Alto Al Guardian
Created your borders more than 200 years ago
after pillaging and starving the natives, invading their homes.
You took their land from them just to call it your own.
"What's the next move of this master plan? Lets build ourselves a wall.
An iron curtain, a boundary for them. Let's push away the need of others that are
trying to find a way to make a better life for their own families.
exile anybody that affects our wealth and greed."
Stop limiting our pace. Stop limiting our will.
To cross a line that was once drawn in the sand,
by these ignorant white men who couldn't understand
that the repercussions of their actions would be
the death and starving of the "nomads" that are trying to flee
from a bad situation to a prosperous nation
to find themselves in front of a gate locking out their population.
Fifteen years ago it came to be
that the walls you once had built weren't sufficient to meet your needs.
So now you extend them deep into the sea
stating that its to restore the nations border integrity.
An operation, gatekeeper is the name,
making it sound so protective seems to be fucking insane
because thousands keep dying every single day
at the hands of your operation, at the hands of your hate.
It's time for operation gatekeeper to die
It's time for the people to rise up and shout alto al guardian.
Track Name: Eskera
Somos la voz de los angustiados,
los pensamientos de los asustados.
La creencia que puede haber un mundo mejor,
somos eskera y esta es nuestra canción.
Cuatro borrachos juntos tocando canciones de su preocupación.
Mentes diferentes con varios estilos lo que queremos es que nuestro mensaje sea oído.
Track Name: Death, Suppression & Misery
You state that all men are created in equality.
Endowed with inalienable rights that everyone can see.
The pursuit of life, happiness, and liberty.
The truth: death, suppression, and misery.
When you crossed the ocean to conquer new lands
to destroy extinct cultures futures and their past
you made everything so plain to see.
Your declaration of independence is a mockery.
You incarcerate and discriminate against
different cultures and thousands who don't fit
your stereotype of a society.
One that is willing to remain silent instead of rising up against the shame
that you call the United States,
the land of the millions the proud and the free.
Living the "dream" behind their white picket fence.
Sheltered from life, from reality.
To live everyday, you're so sick of dragging your ball and chain.
Where is the freedom we were promised in exchange.
Creando un complejo de inferioridad,
tratando de mantener la desigualdad.
Nuestros derechos humanos estan en las manos
de cerdos racistas americanos.
Que ven la diferencia como una amenaza,
buscan la monotonia entre las razas.
Tierra de la libertad? Cual es la verdad?
Cuando encierran a todo que intenta cruzar.
It's sad what we consider liberty.
Grasp your independence like its all you have left.
Never give up the on the rights you're born with.
Power to the people, no one is illegal.