Nuestra Lucha, Nuestra Gente

by Eskera

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    Amor y paz,

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released March 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Eskera San Diego, California

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Track Name: Environmental Racism
It’s unjust. To them it seems all the same.
It’s not unintentional. Racial discrimination.
When the enforcers of laws, environmental rules and regulations,
keep minorities fucked living in polluted wastelands.
Our culture remains buried below your bridges
while you live your life secluded, surrounded by riches.
My backyards are smokestacks, factories in decay.
In your private city such things will never exist.
I’m a victim of environmental racism.
We are the forgotten, proverbial lower class.
Engulfed in gang violence, loss of hope, hatred, and crime.
You are the elite, who deserve and know best.
So you'll be protected by your private police
while we get murdered and raped.
Politicians they want you to believe
the words they speak not the ones that you read.
Politicians will rob you blind.
The fucking politicians, they want your mind.
In a state of ignorance to the gentrification,
to the rape of minorities, to the rape of this nation.
Track Name: Big Business
My brain is bleeding maggots from the pain.
Chained to the routine life is bane.
Life was never meant to fucking desecrate my mind.
We fall victims of a suction of a penetrating fascist corporate nation.
We live in luxurious illusion.
Un dia se vuelve en dos y pierdo la razón, la vida cotidiana ya me tiene harto.
Harto de trabajar, Harto de despertar, Harto de la misma rutina infernal.
Caimos victimas a la violación
de las corporaciones facistas de esta nación,
estamos viviendo una illusion.
Revolt. Take a stand from this life.
Corporate man, don’t be blind.
Can't you see big businesses will be the end?
Track Name: Air Pollution
How genuine is this music that we're hearing?
With their specialists in the market,
That formulate and pre-package it.
How genuine is this bullshit that they're selling?
Art sacrificed for mass market
consumption changes the process.
We've gotta get out of this place.
We've gotta win over all the radio play.
When I have to listen to this shit every day,
It's like the more that I hear the more it drives me insane.
We've gotta get out of this place.
We've gotta go and burn down the radio station.
We're told that it's real but still we know that it's fake.
This is how we're gonna do it, it's the only real way.
What we're being force fed,
we know it's fucking poison
to art, culture, and music.
We've got to shut off this shit.
How genuine is this music that they're playing?
Music made strictly for profit,
I can't stand it anymore.
We gotta burn down the radio station.