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    Our first self-titled EP, recorded very shortly after the creation of the band.

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    Amor y paz,

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Our first self-titled EP, recorded shortly after the creation of the band.


released February 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Eskera San Diego, California

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Track Name: No One's Illegal
En una nacion llena de migrantes de mentes unidas multi-culturales
Como fue que lLego a pasar
La puta frontera quiere dividir la tierra en la que hemos de vivir
El sistema creo al illegal
No me digas que no puedo entrar
Que en la tierRa prometida no queda lugar
Que solo hay espacio para los elegidos
Que la gente le ve algun sentido
Sera que la gente le ve algun sentido
Que la mente de la gente esta podrida por
Creencias aprendidas de noche y dia
Que el temor fue sembrado en una sociedad
Que no quiere aceptarnos como humanos,
Que no ven somos iguales porque un cerco nos divide
Nos tratan como animales que no ven,
Es immoral soy un ser humano no un illegal.
Track Name: Push & Pull
You say my actions never yield results,
That I should watch the world burn with you,
But I fucking know that when I lead an army and we're marching down your street
You'll leave the safety of your home and join us in fear of defeat.
You have a thirst for power and a fear for change.
You have a hunger for something that you'll never taste.
While you throw your disparities at your colLeagues
And keep them at safe distance, we embrace
While you hold steadfast to traditions and false beliefs,
We scream for change. you criticise my existence
You attack every choice I make you have to question words I speak
But I still move forward with every step I take
What you don't understand is that we're living
The change we want to see, when you deny the need.
When others hurt from what you've done
You sit back and laugh.
Track Name: Ethical Slut
Why dedicate yourself to a life filled with poison?
Dedicate yourself to jealousy and apathy,
Both derived from the love that you’ve chosen
A love based on societies views of what are true emotions
Of how we're supposed to live.
I believe in free love, fuck devotion.
We all have something to give.
I’m an ethical slut, won’t give in to your bullshit,
Or follow standards of one true love.
We can gain so much from different persons
Why limit yourself? dont limit yourself.
Fuck one love. Fuck society. Fuck religion. Fuck what you think.
Don’t limit yourself. why limit yourself when there’s a world waiting out there?
Track Name: Maquiladora
Alongside the border, globalization’s plan
People fall victim of an international scam.
Thanks to nafta, economic migration,
People are left with no hope or salvation.
Maquiladora, maquiladora, creada por la globalizacion.
La violacion de otra nacion.
Track Name: M.B.C.
The game of life has been skewed.
Conditioned to be a product to their means.
Living in an ilLusion of a luxury life
At an expense of spilLing innocent blood.
This is how luxury is defined.
Take from the poor, the ones who strive,
The ones who work hard to live a beter life,
Leaving those for progress far behind.
Cinco de la tarde salgo de trabajar
De camino a mi casa me llega a parar
Y me pide mordida la puta policia
El dinero que tengo no se lo puedo dar
Pues ese dinero solo me va a alcanzar para la comida
El puto gobierno te quiere chingar,
A ti, el obrero que intenta sacar adelante
A su familia
Es la corrupcion, de esta nacion.
Track Name: Pride & Nationality
You stand by your nationality,
Your red, white & blue,
This brainwashing mechanism
That’s been in front of you
Ever since you were a child.
You say there’s pride and patriotism,
In the freedom we have,
But there’s no pride in kilLing millions
Who shouldn’t have died.
Will we ever understand?
Track Name: Unidos por la Paz
Mexicanos unidos. las masas unidas.
Todas las razas del mundo unidas.
Por una solucion a las muertes injustas
Es la paz que ocupamos
La paz por la que miles y miles han peleado
La paz que solo un mundo unido puede lograr
Dejen de pelear. dejen de matar.
Por sus creencias
Dejen de matar, por sus diferencias
Dejen de crear, mas problemas
Y creemos la paz.
Track Name: Deception
Why do you look up to the sky
With your doubts of faith, your questions of life?
When the answers are right in front of your eyes.
It’s just deception.
The only ones that care for you are the ones that are alone.
Take a step back look what you’ve become.
I spent my childhood on bended knee,
Only to find that there’s no one looking out for me.
Your a bullet in the church’s chamber
They’re ready to let you go.
For you it’s all give, but no take
They take it away.
Track Name: Toma Control
Ellos controlan tu mente, tu vida,
Solamente tu te puedes liberar
No olvides tus derechos
Que nadie te diga que no puedes opinar.
Track Name: Muerte por la Religion
Dime porque se han de matar,
Nuestros hermanos de otros continentes
Viviendo en un mundo que sigue vigente
Una vida guiada por la religion
Por la creencia en un dios
Que quiere que ignores las semejanzas
Te enfoques en las diferencias humanas
Te llenes de odio
Que mates por tu religion.
Tu vida, no vale mas que la suya, ni la mia,
En si somos el mismo ser, todos somos iguales
Unos animales que sufrieron la misma creacion
Al nacer en un mundo lleno de odio,
De corrupcion, avaricia guiada por la religion
Abre los ojos.
Porque se han de matar? por la religion
Mata a tu hermano, basate en las diferencias,
Su religion y su color, matalo
Es el mensaje de tu dios.
Por un dios.